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Archive Women's Division One 2009

Manx Hockey Association

Women's Division One 2009

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B129122691719
2- Valkyrs Women's B123631514112
3- Harlequins (IoM) Women124351524-911
4- Castletown Women's B122551517-29
5- Vikings Women's B124171623-79

No future fixtures.

16 May 2009
Valkyrs Women's B1-1Castletown Women's B
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B3-1Harlequins (IoM) Women
09 May 2009
Castletown Women's B2-0Vikings Women's B
Valkyrs Women's B0-2Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B
25 April 2009
Castletown Women's B5-0Harlequins (IoM) Women
Vikings Women's B1-4Valkyrs Women's B
18 April 2009
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B3-0Vikings Women's B
Harlequins (IoM) Women1-1Valkyrs Women's B
04 April 2009
Harlequins (IoM) Women1-2Vikings Women's B
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B3-0Castletown Women's B
28 March 2009
Harlequins (IoM) Women1-3Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B
Castletown Women's B1-1Valkyrs Women's B
21 March 2009
Vikings Women's B2-1Castletown Women's B
Valkyrs Women's B0-2Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B
14 March 2009
Vikings Women's B2-0Valkyrs Women's B
Harlequins (IoM) Women4-2Castletown Women's B
07 March 2009
Valkyrs Women's B2-2Harlequins (IoM) Women
Vikings Women's B1-2Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B
28 February 2009
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B1-0Castletown Women's B
Vikings Women's B1-2Harlequins (IoM) Women
14 February 2009
Valkyrs Women's B0-0Castletown Women's B
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B5-0Harlequins (IoM) Women
07 February 2009
Vikings Women's B2-2Castletown Women's B
Valkyrs Women's B2-0Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B
31 January 2009
Castletown Women's B0-2Harlequins (IoM) Women
Valkyrs Women's B4-2Vikings Women's B
24 January 2009
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B1-3Vikings Women's B
Harlequins (IoM) Women0-0Valkyrs Women's B
17 January 2009
Castletown Women's B1-1Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Women's B
Harlequins (IoM) Women1-0Vikings Women's B

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