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Vikings vs Castletown 17/09/2011

Vikings Mixed B Castletown Cammags
9 1
Manx Hockey Association Mixed Division One 2011/12
Saturday, 17 September, 2011
18:35 | Isle of Man National Sports Centre
00 FCastletownWill Higgins
00 FVikingsRichard Gelder
00 FVikingsChristian Davis
00 FVikingsAshley Osborne
00 FVikingsDavid Millward
00GreenCastletownAmy Killip
00GreenCastletownWill Higgins
00GreenCastletownSam Spooner
00 PCVikingsIan Perry
-Sarah Blackman  
-Kirsty Cooper  
-Hayley Crowe  
-Christian Davis  
-Mark Dougherty  
-Dave Elliot  
-Richard Gelder  
-Dave Gimbert  
-Kitty Henry  
-Eilis Kerford  
-David Millward  
-Beckie O'Brien  
-Ashley Osborne  
-Ian Perry  
-Suzanne Slater  
-Wendy Astley  
-Jonathon Ayres  
-Mark Corlett  
-Sarah Cringle  
-Lois Hatton  
-Will Higgins  
-Amy Killip  
-Sophie Phythian  
-Kylie Rollins  
-Sam Spooner  
-David Wiseman  
-Natalie Wiseman  
-Paul Wiseman  
UmpireChritian Forbes
UmpireL Watterson
17/9/201100:00To be confirmed20/7/2011 22:30
17/9/201111:05Ramsey Grammer School29/7/2011 18:39
17/9/201118:35Isle of Man National Sports Centre7/9/2011 12:34