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Valkyrs vs Vikings 11/02/2012

Valkyrs Women's B Vikings Women's B
0 0
Manx Hockey Association Women's Premier 2011/12
Saturday, 11 February, 2012
17:05 | Isle of Man National Sports Centre


-Voirrey Acheson  
-Lowri Bamber  
-Olivia Christian  
-Tamsyn Cleaveley  
-Ann Groves  
-Alex Jones  
-Ciara Kaneen  
-Naomi Lewis  
-Michelle Poyzer  
-Karren Reid  
-Hannah Scarlett  
-Maxine Smalley  
-Sophie Betteridge  
-Sammy Bowden  
-Jan Carney  
-Gill Duffy  
-Kitty Henry  
-Dani Kelly  
-Lucy Mcginn  
-Paige Mepham  
-Cassie Quirk  
-Melanie Schick  
-Suzanne Slater  
-Sian Smith  
-Kerri Williams  
UmpireGeoff Callister
UmpireSam Spooner
11/2/201200:00To be confirmed1/12/2011 19:57
11/2/201215:35Queen Elizabeth 2 High School11/12/2011 23:19
11/2/201217:05Isle of Man National Sports Centre3/2/2012 14:00