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Valkyrs vs Ramsey 08/02/2014

Valkyrs Men's B Ramsey L J Men's B
2 1
rescheduled from 4th January
Manx Hockey Association PwC Men's Division One 2013/14
Saturday, 08 February, 2014
14:05 | Queen Elizabeth 2 High School
00 FValkyrsMark Moyer
00 FRamseyTom Howard
00 FValkyrsRory Laven
-Vic Ferns  
-Ciaran Gell  
-Chris Killey  
-Juan Killey  
-Rory Laven  
-Mark Moyer  
-Mark Perryman  
-Isaac Sanderson  
-James Seed  
-Simon Sheath  
-Neil Shimmin  
-Mark Arden  
-Patrick Couperwoods  
-Tony Couperwoods  
-Myles Dempsey  
-Edward Dunn  
-Matt Greenbank  
-Dominic Howard  
-Tom Howard  
-Jordan Parkinson  
-Simon Renton  
-Matt Robertson  
-Sam Robertson  
-Michael Spooner  
-Dan Stevenson  
UmpireJohn McCarrick
UmpireLindsay Riordan
4/1/201400:00To be confirmed11/12/2013 13:07
4/1/201411:05Ramsey Grammer School11/12/2013 23:29
26/1/201414:05Ramsey Grammer School10/1/2014 12:45
8/2/201414:05Queen Elizabeth 2 High School16/1/2014 22:33