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Cronkbourne Bacchanalians vs Castletown 01/02/2014

Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's A Castletown Men's A
12 0
Manx Hockey Association PwC Men's Premier 2013/14
Saturday, 01 February, 2014
14:05 | Isle of Man National Sports Centre
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansJamie Brown
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansJonny Callow
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansTom Wilson
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansChris Whiting
00GreenCastletownMark Corlett
00 PCCronkbourne BacchanaliansJamie Brown
00 PCCronkbourne BacchanaliansAndrew Kneale
00 PCCronkbourne BacchanaliansTom Wilson
-Chris Bass  
-Cai Beynon  
-Andy Bridson  
-Jamie Brown  
-Jonny Callow  
-Patrick Cox  
-Gareth Craig  
-Tom Evans  
-Andrew Kneale  
-Andrew Vernon-Brown  
-Chris Whiting  
-David Whiting  
-Tom Wilson  
-James Allen  
-Mark Bratt  
-Dave Clark-Wilson  
-Mark Corlett  
-Ben Currie  
-Dave Elliot  
-Paul Kelly  
-Robin Masson  
-James Ormond  
-John Penman  
-Steve Ronan  
-Christian Steriopulos  
-Fergus Veale  
UmpireGarreth Roome
UmpireJohn McCarrick
1/2/201400:00To be confirmed11/12/2013 21:36
1/2/201414:05Isle of Man National Sports Centre26/12/2013 16:35