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Valkyrs vs Harlequins (IoM) 10/10/2015

Valkyrs Mixed C Harlequins (IoM) Mixed A
2 4
Manx Hockey Association PwC Mixed Division One 2015/16
Saturday, 10 October, 2015
11:05 | Queen Elizabeth 2 High School
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Sam Lancaster
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Paul Nuttall
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Anna Hall
00 FValkyrsLouis Porter
00GreenValkyrsChris Thomas
00 PCHarlequins (IoM)Paul Nuttall
00 PSValkyrsChris Thomas
-Jonathan Cain  
-Clive Callister  
-Rob Condra  
-Helen Freer  
-Megan Kelly  
-Isalen Kneale  
-Leanne Miller  
-Helen Moyer  
-Sian Murphy  
-Louis Porter  
-Chris Thomas  
-Ali Ward  
-Alex Cave  
-Chris Cave  
-Caitlin Dodd  
-Anna Hall  
-Nick Hamer  
-Jacqueline Hassall  
-Elliot Henson  
-Sam Lancaster  
-Emily Middleton  
-Paul Nuttall  
-James Quayle  
-Chloe Quilliam  
-Corey Vaughan  
-Chloe Williams  
UmpireGary Corkill
UmpireIain Wrigley
10/10/201500:00To be confirmed1/8/2015 22:42
10/10/201511:05Queen Elizabeth 2 High School10/8/2015 11:35