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Harlequins (IoM) vs Vikings 07/01/2017

Harlequins (IoM) Mens'A Vikings Men's B
5 4
Manx Hockey Association PwC Men's Division One 2016/17
Saturday, 07 January, 2017
14:05 | Isle of Man National Sports Centre
00 FVikingsAsh Dougal
00 FVikingsRajan Nandha
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Paul Nuttall
00 FHarlequins (IoM)George Ratcliffe
00GreenHarlequins (IoM)Peter Nuttall
00GreenVikingsChristian Forbes
00GreenHarlequins (IoM)Patrick Fraser
00 PCHarlequins (IoM)Elliot Henson
00 PCHarlequins (IoM)Paul Nuttall
-Chris Cave  
-Shae Christiansen  
-Matthew Davin  
-Patrick Fraser  
-Will Hassall  
-Elliot Henson  
-Joe Kniveton  
-Joseph Middleton  
-Paul Nuttall  
-Peter Nuttall  
-George Ratcliffe  
-Clive Rees  
-David Smith  
-Alex Cain  
-Lee Cowell  
-James Craig  
-Ash Dougal  
-Christian Forbes  
-Dave Gimbert  
-Andrew Harding  
-Chris Hyde  
-Michael Moore  
-Rajan Nandha  
-Ashley Osborne  
-Mick Wrench  
UmpireGareth Roome
UmpireJohn Pearson
7/1/201700:00To be confirmed19/11/2016 12:19
7/1/201715:35Castle Rushen High School9/12/2016 09:58
7/1/201714:05Isle of Man National Sports Centre9/12/2016 10:00