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Saracens vs Valkyrs 07/01/2017

Saracens Men's A Valkyrs Men's B
5 1
Manx Hockey Association PwC Men's Division One 2016/17
Saturday, 07 January, 2017
15:35 | Castle Rushen High School
00 FValkyrsGrahame Shimmin
00 FSaracensGeorge Powell
00 FSaracensTom Dalton-Brown
00 FSaracensFinbar Samson
-Andrew Bentley  
-Stephen David Cottier  
-Tom Dalton-Brown  
-Jakob Glover  
-John Halligan  
-Andrew Joughin  
-Toby Lace  
-Barry Powell  
-George Powell  
-Jason Roberts  
-Finbar Samson  
-Keith Watterson  
-Andrew Winstanley  
-Robert Comber  
-George Crellin  
-Mike Davies  
-Myles Dempsey  
-Liam Dunn  
-Allesandro Fappiano  
-Egan Loader  
-Mark Perryman  
-Louis Porter  
-John Sanderson  
-Grahame Shimmin  
-Chris Thomas  
-Callum Watson  
-Nick Watt  
UmpireGary Corkill
UmpireJames Russell
7/1/201700:00To be confirmed19/11/2016 12:19
7/1/201715:35Castle Rushen High School9/12/2016 10:00