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Vikings vs Ramsey 14/01/2017

Vikings Men's B Ramsey L J Men's B
5 1
Manx Hockey Association PwC Men's Division One 2016/17
Saturday, 14 January, 2017
11:05 | Ramsey Grammer School
00 FVikingsAsh Dougal
00 FVikingsRajan Nandha
00 FVikingsMacklin Wilson
00 FVikingsLee Cowell
00 FRamseyRobbie Moore
00GreenVikingsAsh Dougal
00YellowVikingsAsh Dougal
-Lee Cowell  
-James Craig  
-Ash Dougal  
-Christian Forbes  
-Richard Gelder  
-Dave Gimbert  
-Anthony Gullan  
-Chris Hyde  
-Michael Mccarrick  
-Rajan Nandha  
-Aaron Watson  
-Macklin Wilson  
-Mick Wrench  
-Tony Couperwoods  
-Ben Curtis  
-Jay Davies  
-Thomas Hird  
-Paul Hunter  
-Barry Mellor  
-Gary Merrill  
-Robbie Moore  
-Jed Scott  
-Michael Spooner  
-Peter Ward  
-Iain Wood  
UmpireKeith Corkill
UmpireSandra Smith
14/1/201700:00To be confirmed19/11/2016 12:19
14/1/201711:05Ramsey Grammer School9/12/2016 11:42