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Harlequins (IoM) vs Valkyrs 28/10/2017

Harlequins (IoM) Mixed A Valkyrs Mixed A
0 7
Manx Hockey Association PwC Mixed Premier League 2017/18
Saturday, 28 October, 2017
14:05 | Queen Elizabeth 2 High School
00 FValkyrsChris Killey
00 FValkyrsGreg Miller
00 FValkyrsOllie Webster
00 FValkyrsJessica Loader
00YellowHarlequins (IoM)Chris Cave
-Amaline Batty  
-Chris Cave  
-Shae Christiansen  
-Patrick Fraser  
-Nick Hamer  
-Sam Hassall  
-Will Hassall  
-Joe Kniveton  
-Emily Middleton  
-Rachael Middleton  
-Paul Nuttall  
-Chloe Quilliam  
-Krista Quilliam  
-Chloe Williams  
-Ellan Cleator  
-Ciaran Gell  
-Kerry Jones  
-Emily Kelly  
-Lorna Kennaugh  
-Chris Killey  
-Craig Killey  
-Juan Killey  
-Karmina Kovanda  
-Jessica Loader  
-Imogen Manning  
-Will Margot  
-Greg Miller  
-Luis Novo-Smith  
-Leanne Prescott  
-Ollie Webster  
UmpireLawrence Watterson
UmpireTim Leeming
UmpireVic Ferns
21/10/201714:05To be confirmed11/8/2017 21:34
21/10/201714:05Queen Elizabeth 2 High School11/8/2017 21:48
28/10/201714:05Queen Elizabeth 2 High School12/8/2017 09:56