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Cronkbourne Bacchanalians vs Valkyrs 11/11/2017

Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Colts Valkyrs Mixed C
5 2
Manx Hockey Association PwC Mixed Division Two 2017/18
Saturday, 11 November, 2017
15:35 | Isle of Man National Sports Centre
00 FValkyrsClive Callister
00 FValkyrsAndrea Littlejohns
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansAndrew Kneale
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansDavid Partington
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansSinead Cox
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansMatthew Lewin
00GreenCronkbourne BacchanaliansDavid Partington
00GreenCronkbourne BacchanaliansPeter Vernon-Brown
00 PCCronkbourne BacchanaliansAndrew Kneale
00YellowCronkbourne BacchanaliansPeter Vernon-Brown
-Steve Allen  
-Sinead Cox  
-Anne Harrison  
-Bobbie Hempsall  
-Jessica Humphreys  
-Andrew Kneale  
-Mackenzie Kneale  
-Tim Leeming  
-Dave Lewin  
-Matthew Lewin  
-San Moore  
-Gareth Nicolson  
-David Partington  
-Peter Vernon-Brown  
-Brett Burton  
-Jonathan Cain  
-Clive Callister  
-Michael Diehl  
-Isalen Kneale  
-Andrea Littlejohns  
-Egan Loader  
-Helen Moyer  
-Louis Porter  
-Chris Thomas  
UmpireAndy Whiting
UmpireGareth Roome
11/11/201700:00To be confirmed12/8/2017 10:18
11/11/201715:35Isle of Man National Sports Centre13/8/2017 20:15