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Valkyrs vs Vikings 18/11/2017

Valkyrs Mixed C Vikings Mixed C
0 5
Manx Hockey Association PwC Mixed Division Two 2017/18
Saturday, 18 November, 2017
15:35 | Queen Elizabeth 2 High School
00 FVikingsAndrew Harding
00 FVikingsRichard Gelder
00 FVikingsAshley Osborne
00 FVikingsCaitlin Gelder
-Brett Burton  
-Clive Callister  
-Ana Dawson  
-Alexander Freer  
-Jack Gentry  
-Alex Heath  
-Mandy Hewes  
-Feeagh Joughin  
-Megan Kelly  
-Andrea Littlejohns  
-Daisy Loader  
-Emma Miller  
-Helen Moyer  
-Jack Whitelegg  


Umpiree kelly
UmpireEmily Kelly
UmpireJ brown
UmpireJamie Brown
18/11/201700:00To be confirmed12/8/2017 10:18
18/11/201715:35Queen Elizabeth 2 High School13/8/2017 20:16