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Harlequins (IoM) vs Cronkbourne Bacchanalians 23/09/2017

Harlequins (IoM) Mixed B Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Mixed D
4 1
Manx Hockey Association PwC Mixed Division Three 2017/18
Saturday, 23 September, 2017
12:35 | Ramsey Grammer School
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Helen Cave
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Sandra Wrigley
00GreenHarlequins (IoM)James Arnold
00 PCCronkbourne BacchanaliansIain Wrigley
00 PCHarlequins (IoM)Sandra Wrigley
-James Arnold  
-Helen Cave  
-Peter Foxton  
-Lucy Gaylor  
-Rachel Hutchinson  
-Olivia Kniveton  
-Michael Mccarrick  
-Alison Middleton  
-Josh Nuttall  
-Samantha Sharman  
-Sandra Wrigley  
-Neil Brew  
-Rebecca Coe  
-Mike Flowers  
-Louise Franklin  
-Conor Healy  
-Bobbie Hempsall  
-Jessica Humphreys  
-Dave Lewin  
-Matthew Lewin  
-Sharon Lewin  
-Juliet Mccrory  
-Alisia Pickett  
-Greg Tomlinson  
-Iain Wrigley  
UmpireJohn Harrison
UmpirePaul Hunter
23/9/201700:00To be confirmed12/8/2017 10:23
23/9/201712:35Ramsey Grammer School13/8/2017 19:28