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Vikings vs Valkyrs 27/01/2018

Vikings Men's B Valkyrs Men's A
0 9
Manx Hockey Association PwC Men's Premier 2017/18
Saturday, 27 January, 2018
14:05 | King William College
00 FValkyrsStephen David Cottier
00 FValkyrsCiaran Gell
00 FValkyrsJuan Killey
00 FValkyrsTim Stevenson
00GreenVikingsMick Wrench
00 PCValkyrsGreg Miller
00 PCValkyrsJuan Killey
00YellowVikingsMick Wrench


-Rob Condra  
-Stephen David Cottier  
-Ciaran Gell  
-Dave Hall  
-Chris Killey  
-Craig Killey  
-Juan Killey  
-Will Margot  
-Greg Miller  
-Russell Miller  
-Robert Mylchreest  
-Luis Novo-Smith  
-Ben Stevenson  
-Tim Stevenson  
-Ollie Webster  
UmpireLindsay Roirdan
27/1/201800:00To be confirmed15/11/2017 22:45
27/1/201814:05King William College3/12/2017 20:14