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Cronkbourne Bacchanalians vs Ramsey 24/02/2018

Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C Ramsey L J Men's B
1 4
Manx Hockey Association PwC Men's Division Two 2017/18
Saturday, 24 February, 2018
14:05 | Ramsey Grammer School
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansRichard Weir
00 FRamseyDan Stevenson
00 FRamseyConnor Hird
00 FRamseyRichard Speight
00GreenCronkbourne BacchanaliansMike Flowers
00YellowCronkbourne BacchanaliansPeel Taggart
-Steve Allen  
-David Beynon  
-Steven Craine  
-Mike Flowers  
-John Harrison  
-Patrick Mccarrick  
-John Pearson  
-John Stevens  
-Peel Taggart  
-Greg Tomlinson  
-Richard Weir  
-Iain Wrigley  
-James Aitchison  
-Mark Arden  
-Connor Hird  
-Daniel Hird  
-Thomas Hird  
-Oscar Jackson  
-Lewis Kneale  
-Barry Mellor  
-Jed Scott  
-Rod Smith  
-Richard Speight  
-Michael Spooner  
-Dan Stevenson  
UmpirePaul Hunter
UmpireSandra Smith
24/2/201800:00To be confirmed15/11/2017 22:58
24/2/201814:05Ramsey Grammer School4/12/2017 18:40