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Vikings vs Vikings 06/11/2018

Vikings Mixed B Vikings Mixed C
7 1
rearranged from November 3rd 2018
Manx Hockey Association PwC Mixed Division One 2018/19
Tuesday, 06 November, 2018
20:30 | Isle of Man National Sports Centre
00 FVikingsNathan Evans
00 FVikingsAlex Birch
00 FVikingsArchie Caley
00 FVikingsMax Kermode
00 FVikingsLouis Porter
-Chelsea Bawden  
-Alex Birch  
-Sarah Blackman  
-Archie Caley  
-Eddie Caley  
-Katie Errock  
-Nathan Evans  
-Kirsty Mcharrie  
-Louis Porter  
-Jennifer Vernon-Brown  
-Jack Williams  
-Harry Woods  
-Blae Cain  
-Lee Cowell  
-James Craig  
-Milly Duggua  
-Caitlin Gelder  
-Richard Gelder  
-Dave Gimbert  
-Max Kermode  
-Daisy Loader  
-Michael Mccarrick  
-Paige Mepham  
-Morgan Naylor  
-Cara Yule  
UmpireAndrew Bentley
UmpireJamie Brown
3/11/201800:00To be confirmed20/8/2018 15:34
3/11/201812:35Isle of Man National Sports Centre25/8/2018 11:22
3/11/201800:00To be confirmed27/10/2018 17:10
6/11/201820:30Isle of Man National Sports Centre31/10/2018 13:24