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Cronkbourne Bacchanalians vs Harlequins (IoM) 12/01/2019

Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C Harlequins (IoM) Men's B
4 8
Manx Hockey Association PwC Men's Division Two 2018/19
Saturday, 12 January, 2019
15:35 | Ramsey Grammer School
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansIain Wrigley
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Peter Foxton
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansSimon Renton
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Joseph Middleton
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Ben Cunningham
00 FHarlequins (IoM)George Ratcliffe
00 FHarlequins (IoM)Lucas Watterson
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansJason Miranda
00 PCCronkbourne BacchanaliansIain Wrigley
-Steve Allen  
-David Beynon  
-Neil Brew  
-Ian Duggua  
-Mike Flowers  
-Kian Ledwidge  
-James Leece  
-Tim Leeming  
-Matthew Lewin  
-Jason Miranda  
-Gareth Nicolson  
-Simon Renton  
-John Stevens  
-Greg Tomlinson  
-Iain Wrigley  


UmpireBarry Mellor
UmpireHelen Cave
12/1/201900:00To be confirmed11/12/2018 02:16
12/1/201915:35Ramsey Grammer School13/12/2018 21:46