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Cronkbourne Bacchanalians vs Valkyrs 02/10/2010

Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's B Valkyrs Men's A
1 4
Manx Hockey Association Men's Premier 2010/11
Saturday, 02 October, 2010
11:05 | Castle Rushen High School
00 FValkyrsGareth Morris
00 FValkyrsOllie Webster
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansDavid Kneale
00 PCValkyrsVic Ferns
00YellowCronkbourne BacchanaliansMatthew Garne
-Alex Atkinson  
-Chris Bass  
-Matthew Garne  
-Andrew Kneale  
-David Kneale  
-John Mccarrick  
-Alex Molyneux  
-John Pearson  
-Joe Shuttleworth  
-Greg Turner  
-David Whiting  
-Vic Ferns  
-Dave Hall  
-Neill Jacobs  
-Oli Lockley  
-Stephen Lowe  
-Stephen Moore  
-Gareth Morris  
-Mark Moyer  
-Robert Mylchreest  
-Jon Norrington  
-James Seed  
-Ollie Webster  
UmpireColin Kniverton
UmpireDenise Gimbert
2/10/201000:00To be confirmed20/7/2010 17:46
2/10/201015:35Queen Elizabeth 2 High School23/8/2010 19:14
2/10/201014:05Isle of Man National Sports Centre8/9/2010 18:28
2/10/201011:05Castle Rushen High School19/9/2010 11:39