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Saracens vs Vikings 23/10/2010

Saracens Men's A Vikings Men's A
0 12
Manx Hockey Association Men's Premier 2010/11
Saturday, 23 October, 2010
14:35 | King William College
00 FVikingsAndrew Harding
00 FVikingsJonny Killey
00 FVikingsAsh Dougal
00 FVikingsGerry Quinn
00 FVikingsJuan Corlett
00 FVikingsPaul Kelly
00 PCVikingsAsh Dougal
00 PCVikingsPaul Kelly
-Anton Bolton  
-Kyle Caine  
-Geoff Callister  
-Stephen David Cottier  
-John Crebbin  
-John Halligan  
-Steve Jackson  
-Barry Powell  
-James Russell  
-Keith Watterson  
-Andrew Winstanley  
-Julian Colley  
-Juan Corlett  
-Neil Crowe  
-Ash Dougal  
-Mark Dougherty  
-Dave Gimbert  
-Andrew Harding  
-Chris Hyde  
-Paul Kelly  
-Jonny Killey  
-Dave Millward  
-Gerry Quinn  
-Alex Toohey  
RefereeAndrew Bentley
RefereeDavid Quayle
23/10/201000:00To be confirmed20/7/2010 17:46
23/10/201014:05King William College23/8/2010 21:01
23/10/201014:35King William College17/10/2010 21:35