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Harlequins (IoM) vs Cronkbourne Bacchanalians 25/09/2010

Harlequins (IoM) Mens'A Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's A
0 17
Manx Hockey Association Men's Premier 2010/11
Saturday, 25 September, 2010
11:05 | Castle Rushen High School
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansKarl Moore
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansJamie Brown
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansJonny Callow
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansSean Corlett
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansRichard Le Page
00 FCronkbourne BacchanaliansCraig Leece
00 PCCronkbourne BacchanaliansKarl Moore
00 PCCronkbourne BacchanaliansSean Corlett
00 PCCronkbourne BacchanaliansRichard Le Page
-Chris Cave  
-Peter Foxton  
-Stuart Gell  
-Paul Gould  
-Adam Hussey  
-Tony Mansell  
-Clive Rees  
-Mike Smith  
-Nigel Smith  
-Tim Sowerby  
-Jamie Brown  
-Jonny Callow  
-Sean Corlett  
-Matt Dyson  
-Paul Griffiths  
-Peter Hodgson  
-Richard Le Page  
-Craig Leece  
-Karl Moore  
-John Pearson  
-Will Wood  
UmpireMike Taylor
UmpireRichie MacAleer
25/9/201000:00To be confirmed18/8/2010 15:50
25/9/201011:05Castle Rushen High School21/8/2010 21:14
25/9/201011:05Isle of Man National Sports Centre21/8/2010 21:15
25/9/201011:05Queen Elizabeth 2 High School21/8/2010 21:18
25/9/201012:35Ramsey Grammer School21/8/2010 21:19
25/9/201014:05Ramsey Grammer School23/8/2010 18:38
25/9/201011:05Castle Rushen High School23/8/2010 18:50