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Bad Weather Procedure

Bad Weather Procedure


In the event of bad weather please note the following procedure for determining if games should proceed.


  1. In the event of extreme bad weather such as snow, ice or flooding, Manx Sport and Recreation or the Manx Hockey Association Board may declare one or more of the pitches unplayable for the day. In these circumstances, an announcement will be placed on the Manx Hockey Association Facebook Page with radio updates by Manx Radio and/or Energy FM.


  1. In other circumstances, the decision on whether playing conditions are suitable for a game to commence lies with the 2 appointed umpires after consulting with both captains. Due to the variations in weather often experienced in the Isle of Man, this decision should be taken on a game to game basis and just because an earlier game has not been played, does not automatically mean a later game may not be able to start.


  1. In the event of bad weather occurring during a game, should the umpires decide to abandon a match, the result will stand if 60 minutes play have taken place.


  1. Please bear in mind that the Men’s and Women’s Hockey matches are senior competitions played during the winter. As such conditions may not always be ideal and any junior players taking part and their parents/guardians must be made aware of this.