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Designated Goalkeepers

Designated Goalkeepers 2018/19


No player may play for more than one team in scheduled League matches in the same match day, except “designated goalkeepers” and players who are under 18 on the 31st August prior to the start of the current season.


Before the start of a league competition each team may nominate a “designated goalkeeper” and it is only those who will have the dispensation as stated below.


Designated Goalkeepers playing in goals for one team may also play outfield for any other team in that club and in doing so that outfield game represents their “second game” of the day.

Goalkeepers can effectively play 2 games:-


– 2 games in goals for their nominated squad and the squad immediately above or below.



– One complete game in goals one for their nominated squad or squad immediately above or below AND one game outfield in any squad on the same day.


The current designated goalkeepers are:-



Mixed A David Whiting
Mixed B Dominic Howard
Mixed C Rachel Overman
Mixed Colts Gareth Nicholson
Mixed D Rebecca Coe
Men’s A David Whiting
Men’s B Dominic Howard
Men’s Colts Callan Fargher
Men’s C Iain Richardson
Women’s A Rachel Overman
Women’s Colts Ceri Maddox



Celts Jai Patel
Cammags Zara Sweeney
Southerners James Cademy
Men’s A James Ormond
Men’s B James Cadamy
Women’s A Denise Harris
Women’s B Julie Ormond



Mixed A James Quayle
Mixed Colts Olivia Kniveton
Mixed B Rebekah Quayle
Men’s A James Quayle
Men’s B Joe Kniveton
Women’s A Olivia Kniveton
Women’s B Rebekah Quayle



Mixed A Chris Wells
Ravens Jay Davies
Rookies Mark Arden
Men’s A Connor Parfitt
Men’s B Mark Arden
Women’s A Voirrey Baker
Women’s B Claire Gale



Sabres Andrew Joughin
Mixed Colts Paul Bridson
Sharks Thomas Roberts
Men’s A Andrew Joughin
Men’s B Thomas Young
Women’s A Skywyn Austin



Mixed A Will Margot
Mixed B Juan Bellando
Mixed C Jack Gentry
Mixed D Egan Loader
Men’s A Will Margot
Men’s B Eagan Loader
Women’s A Katie Tankard
Women’s B
Women’s C Fiona Pierce



Mixed A Harry Woods
Mixed B Sam Spooner
Mixed C James Craig
Mixed D Peter Wilson
Mixed Colts Mike Griffiths
Men’s A Harry Woods
Men’s B Sam Spooner
Men’s Colts Adam Braidwood
Women’s A Charlotte Casement
Women’s B Debbie Shimmin