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Rossborough Men’s Division Two

Manx Hockey Association

Manx Hockey Association

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts97111913615
2- Saracens Men's B970242113114
3- Ramsey L J Men's B950431201110
4- Castletown Men's B94051824-68
5- Harlequins (IoM) Men's B83051720-36
6- Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C82061336-234
7- Valkyrs Men's C8116925-163

No future fixtures.

12 September 2020
Ramsey L J Men's B1-7Saracens Men's B
Castletown Men's B2-3Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts
Valkyrs Men's C0-5Harlequins (IoM) Men's B
Walkover 5 - 0 to harlequins
05 September 2020
Ramsey L J Men's B2-3Castletown Men's B
Valkyrs Men's C0-5Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C
Walkover 5-0 to Bacc C
Saracens Men's B0-2Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts
02 September 2020
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts1-1Valkyrs Men's C
14 March 2020
Saracens Men's B5-0Castletown Men's B
Harlequins (IoM) Men's B4-1Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts2-1Ramsey L J Men's B
11 March 2020
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C0-3Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts
Rearranged from 7th March 2020
07 March 2020
Harlequins (IoM) Men's B1-6Ramsey L J Men's B
Valkyrs Men's C0-5Saracens Men's B
29 February 2020
Saracens Men's B5-1Harlequins (IoM) Men's B
Ramsey L J Men's B5-1Castletown Men's B
08 February 2020
Harlequins (IoM) Men's B0-1Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts
Valkyrs Men's C4-0Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C
Castletown Men's B0-5Saracens Men's B
01 February 2020
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C3-2Harlequins (IoM) Men's B
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts2-1Castletown Men's B
Saracens Men's B2-1Ramsey L J Men's B
25 January 2020
Castletown Men's B6-0Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C
Ramsey L J Men's B5-1Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts
Harlequins (IoM) Men's B3-2Valkyrs Men's C
18 January 2020
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C2-7Ramsey L J Men's B
Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's Colts4-3Saracens Men's B
Valkyrs Men's C1-3Castletown Men's B
11 January 2020
Saracens Men's B10-2Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Men's C
Ramsey L J Men's B3-1Valkyrs Men's C
Castletown Men's B2-1Harlequins (IoM) Men's B
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Liam Farrar Saracens 14 1 0 15
Dan Stevenson Ramsey 9 1 1 11
Christian Davis Saracens 8 0 0 8
Jonty Bregazzi Saracens 7 0 0 7
Harry Callin Cronkbourne Bacchanalians 7 0 0 7
Steven Smith Castletown 6 0 0 6
Thomas Hird Ramsey 4 1 0 5
Steve Jackson Saracens 4 0 0 4
Jack Grimley Cronkbourne Bacchanalians 4 0 0 4
Joe Shuttleworth Castletown 3 0 0 3