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MHA Fixture Procedures.

When any fixtures are published please review any relevant to your club/team and report any discrepancies the Fixture Secretary without delay.

Any fixtures requiring change should be requested using the form below AT LEAST 14 days before the scheduled fixture and the form sent to the MHA SECRETARY with a copy to the MHA FIXTURE SECRETARY.

If any team requires a change to a fixture which does not meet the criteria as set down in the bye-laws, it is up to the captain of that team to negotiate directly with the captain of the opposition and between the captains arrange a suitable time and place for the game.

This could be on a vacant Wednesday at the NSC (with agreement with the MHA Fixture Secretary) or the clubs could agree to use a club training slot. Ad-hoc bookings do not benefit from any MHA discounts and as such must be booked and paid for by the individual club requesting the fixture change.

Any changes to fixtures must be notified immediately to the MHA Secretary, MHA Fixture Secretary and the IOMHUA.

Teams are not obliged to accept requests for unauthorised fixture changes and if they agree it must be seen as an act of goodwill.

Request for Fixture Change 2016