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MHA Officials


Sir Miles Walker CBE LLD

Honorary Life Members

P. C. G. Fletcher, R. S. Callow, C. W. Gawne, M. W. Maddrell, D. C. Quayle, G. K. Crowe, I. D. Wood, R. S. McAleer, G. D. Corkhill, J. D. Whiting, J. J. Shimming, T. P. Leeming.


James Russell


Debbie Shimmin
Contact MHA Secretary



County Disciplinary Officer

Jon Whiting

Chair, Development Committee

Jon Whiting

Chair, Junior Committee

Susan Taylor

Child Welfare Officer

Lesley Shimmin

Outdoor Fixture Secretary

Paul Gould

Indoor Fixture Secretary

Tom Wilson

Junior Fixture Secretary

Craig Killey